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Reading Group Guide for Better Off Wed

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1) The author of Better Off Wed is a wedding planner in Washington, D.C. like her protagonist, Annabelle Archer. Did you find the wedding stories in the book entertaining and believable?

2) The supporting characters play a big role in the book. Did you have a favorite supporting character and why? Which character would you like to see more of in future books?

3) Which events in the story stand out for you as particularly memorable or humorous?

4) Talk about the pace of the book and the style. Did the pace fit the story? Was the language appropriate to the story and genre?

5) The characters in the book love to talk. Was the dialogue realistic? Did each character have a distinct voice?

6) The first murder victim in the book is a mother of the bride. What other people involved in weddings might make natural victims?

7) The murders in Better Off Wed are linked to food and catering.  What other types of murder could occur at weddings?

8) Annabelle engages in a romantic flirtation with the cop assigned to the case, Detective Reese. Was the interest believable on both sides?  Do you think Annabelle should pursue more of a romance with him?

9) In what ways is Better Off Wed more about the relationships between the characters than the murder?  How do the characters create a type of family relationship?



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